Here are the 4 Mandatory Trainings that every Ontario Employee needs to undergo:

  1. WHMIS 2015
  2. Health and Safety Awareness
  3. Workplace violence and sexual harassment
1 to 20 $105
Please Note:
  1. When you purchase an online training, you will need to send the FULL NAME/s and Email ID/s of the participant/s taking the online training to by mentioning the NAME OF YOUR TRAINING in the SUBJECT LINE for our team to create a login ID and password for the training.
  2. Online trainings purchased during weekdays will be assigned ASAP to the participants.
  3. Online trainings purchased during weekends or bank holidays will be assigned to the participants on the next business day (Our Working Hours – Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5.00 PM).
  4. If you require to complete your training urgently after purchasing it online during bank holidays or weekends, please write to and we will get it assigned ASAP.

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