COR™ Certification

Online health and safety management systems make it the COR™ certification process in Ontario much easier.

COR™ certified companies demonstrate that they have done more than what law deems as necessary to be sufficient work, reasonable in the given circumstances, to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

Here’s how 4SafeCom™ Safety Management System can make a difference for COR™:

1. Communicating your hazard assessment, analysis, and control

If you’re a company pursuing COR™, online safety management systems can help. Moreover, a company pursuing COR™ certification can use these systems to get their staff to review and acknowledge the hazard assessment effectively. Further, they can analyze hazards much better using an online health and safety tool such as 4SafeCom™ through stats and trends. Therefore, online health and safety management systems make it easier for you to control hazards effectively and efficiently.

2. Conducting health and safety training and communication

Using an online safety system such as 4SafeCom™, you can conduct online health and safety orientation for workers. Moreover, you can conduct 4 mandatory trainings in Ontario online. In addition, the system has a library of 80+ online trainings. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and cost for your company using online safety systems along with man-hours. Furthermore, you can communicate safe work procedures and job safety analysis effectively with workers using an online health and safety system such as 4SafeCom™.

3. Performing workplace inspections

4SafeCom™ system help companies perform workplace inspections much more easily and quickly. They allow supervisors to fill in and submit various forms with inspection details online using their mobile phone or a mobile tablet. Thus, they will spend lesser time doing their inspections using online systems, making them use their time more productively. You can assign inspections as a to-do list and track the progress through a customized dashboard.

4. Recording investigations

Online safety management tools such as 4SafeCom™ help companies in recording investigations and reporting results of such investigations for incidents/accidents much faster.

5. Making incident/accident reporting procedures easier and efficient

One of the best advantages of using online safety management tools such as 4SafeCom™ is that they help companies in getting their employees to understand and get trained on accident reporting policies & procedures and do the reporting effectively and efficiently.

6. Gathering key statistics, analytics, and facts to improve OHS processes

4SafeCom™ helps companies gather vital OHS statistics. Thus, employers can identify trends, discuss the trends with their team to establish reasons, prepare an action plan for continuous improvement, execute and track the progress of the action plan. This is a very important part of creating a safety culture.

7. Managing OHS due diligence effectively and efficiently

One of the big benefits of using online safety management tools such as 4SafeCom™ is that they help immensely in managing the OHS due diligence effectively and efficiently, while helping you in improving the OHS process as a whole within a company.

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