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4S Consulting Offers Working At Heights (WAH) Training Approved By The Chief Prevention Office of the Ministry of Labour (MOL)

Occupational Health and Safety Act defines a workplace as any land, premises, location, or thing at, upon, or near which a worker works. In simple words, any place where a WORKER works is his or her WORKPLACE.  Therefore, if you are working at a CONSTRUCTION SITE, it will obviously be considered your WORKPLACE by the OHSA going by the above definition.

Moreover, if you work at heights of 3 meters (10ft) or more, you need to comply with the Working At Heights training requirement from a CPO-approved provider before OCT 01, 2017.

Construction workers who are required to wear fall protection equipment were mandated to also complete an CPO-approved WAH training program. The previous Fall Protection training would be “grandfathered”. Going forward, only WAH training from a CPO-approved provider would be acceptable. This gave employers a 2-year transitional period to ensure all their construction employees got the WAH training done.

For more information visit the M.O.L website.


Working at Heights training and WAH Refresher Training

4S Consulting Working at Heights (WAH) Refresher Training (half-day training, practical only)

The first 3-Year Deadline ‘Apr 01, 2018’ for WAH provided by the MOL has gone. It’s time to get back into compliance. It is mandatory to complete your WAH Refresher Training for Working at Heights.

What’s included in the WAH refresher training?

Refresher training consists of a practical module of the WAH training program as per section 9.2 of the WAH Training Program Standard. Refresher training covers the following topics:

  • Barriers and safety nets
  • Personal fall protection equipment
  • Anchor points
  • Work positioning systems, work access, and platforms
  • Rescue planning

In addition to the above, the refresher training includes:

  • Hands-on demonstration of equipment and various procedures
  • A written test at the end of the training

Who can provide WAH Refresher Training?

The WAH refresher training can be delivered by all the training providers approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) to deliver a CPO-approved working at heights training program.

WAH refresher training validity period – three (3) years from the date of successful completion of the training.

Visit our current schedule to find our current schedule for public training. We can also provide private training for your company as well as open up new public training dates for you as well.

4S Consulting Services can help

We offer CPO-approved in-class WAH training program. Come get trained by our expert trainers on everything you need to keep yourself safe while you work at heights.

Visit our current schedule to find our current schedule for public training. We can also provide private training for your company as well as open up new public training dates for you as well.

Sign up for WAH session TODAY

Check regularly for confirmed public sessions of Working at Heights Sessions as dates can change

Working at Heights (Theory & Practical)

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

$190.99 + HST


4S Consulting Services Inc.
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Discounts available for 3 or more registrations for WAH Refresher Training. Private sessions also available.

*Please note that the session is subject to rescheduling if there are less than 8 participants registered for this session. Participants will be notified one week prior to the session should a rescheduling occur. Participants may only reschedule once and they must provide a 48 hour notice prior to the session. Full charges will apply for rescheduling more than once, informing of change in attendance after the 48 hour grace period and no-shows.

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