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Apart from being a safety management system, 4SafeCom™ also acts as a project management system. On a week-on-week basis, using 4SafeCom™, you can track the total hours spent, total expenses, and total mileage for travelling of all your project managers for performing different project-related tasks. The system also presents you with statistics, which you can use to draw vital insights on time spent by project managers on performing different tasks.


This can give you good headway into probable reasons for project delays and the causes of delay, whether it is you or the client. The timesheet feature of 4SafeCom™ will allow your project team to be on top of their project execution timelines. Further, this becomes a good tool for the senior management to analyze executional efficiency and effectiveness of the team. Filling out the timesheet daily also inculcates discipline into your team, making them better and more organized time managers working simultaneously on multiple projects.

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