Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance, also know as preventative maintenance, refers to maintenance that you will regularly need to perform on any equipment to reduce the likelihood of failing for that equipment. Generally, you perform preventive maintenance while the equipment is still working or is in use, primarily to ensure that it does not have a sudden breakdown.

4SafeCom™ allows you to list all your equipment, which require preventive maintenance. Further, you can schedule preventive maintenance either on a time or on usage-based triggers. Regular inspections performed on critical equipment that could affect production in case they break down can be called a time-based preventive maintenance trigger. Certain triggers prop up after your equipment has run for a certain number of production cycles or has covered a certain number of kilometers or hours of running. These can be called usage-based triggers.

In both cases, you can use 4SafeCom™ to schedule inspections and track the progress. The biggest advantage with 4SafeCom™ system is that it allows you to plan, implement, and monitor your preventive maintenance.

Without a software system, planning, implementing, and maintaining your preventive maintenance can be a big challenge, especially if you are dealing with numerous equipment at various locations. 4SafeCom™ allows you to collect data pertaining to your preventive maintenance activities and presents it in the form of a report. This will help you do you strategic planning to see how you can optimize those activities involved in preventive maintenance, while setting KPIs that your team can work towards.

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