Meeting Forms


You can use the 4SafeCom™ Meeting Forms module to document all the minutes and records of your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) meetings and toolbox meetings.

JHSC meeting formallows you to record your JHSC meeting minutes, mark attendance for the JHSC members, record incident summary, old unfinished activities, and any present items that need attention. The JHSC form allows you to prioritize the items based on recommendations along with mentioning the completion status. The form needs to be signed off by the worker and management representative who co-chair the JHSC meeting.

The toolbox talks form allows you to record the key points that were discussed during the session. You can make your key notes and comments and record them using this module. You can capture other relevant details such as project name, date, and even attach key documents, if required, using the toolbox talks form. Just like the JHSC form, you will have to sign off this form as well for ensuring authentic completion.

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