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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are crucial documents that comprise details of various hazardous chemicals used at your workplace. It generally describes the physical and chemical properties of all the hazardous chemical products used at your workplace. This will include information such as toxicity, flash point, procedures for spills & leaks, guidelines for storing the chemical, and procedures for control of exposure. Therefore, SDS must be available to your employees at all times while working at your workplace.

4SafeCom™ makes it easy for you to communicate the SDS to your workers and make it available to them when they require it. That’s just not it. 4SafeCom™ allows you to create an index of all the SDS that are in use at various your locations. Further, you can easily keep track of all your SDS version numbers for future reference and quality assurance purpose. The best part is that 4SafeCom™ converts all your SDS into an eBook, making it easier for staff to read, print, store, and manage, adding to staff productivity.

Your SDS will be maintained in electronic form in 4SafeCom™. Thus, there will be no destruction because the data will be available in a cloud server. Just imagine there a massive fire breaks out at your workplace, destroying all or part of your physical SDS. What’s your recourse in that situation? Remember, SDS are a great source for firemen in understanding the nature of the fire. Therefore, using SDS in electronic form in 4SafeCom™ ensures that the SDS will not only be preserved, but will also be helpful when required.

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